Codi Renee Babcock

Country Dancer // Manatees // Model // Writer // Adrenaline Seeker // Romantic // Misanthrope //

Ok so I guess I’ve been on a bit of a writing kick this morning. Sorry for the spam lol. I haven’t written much in the past month. I’ve wanted to, but every time I sat down to do so I couldn’t. Nothing came out right or nothing came out at all. Things have been stressful recently and I chalk it up to that. I guess this morning everything organized itself inside my mind so I had to get it out. I literally woke up at 5am and started writing and haven’t stopped. Thank goodness because I think my soul was full to the brim with things I needed to release. Now maybe I can sleep.

You think you don’t say much. If only you could hear the stories your fingertips have left on my skin.


Nothing can touch me like the pine trees and the rivers and the mountains and the meadows can. My heart is wild. It’s only logical that it belongs to the wilderness.